High-Speed Garage Doors and Openers

How much time do you spend stood in front of the garage door waiting for it to open and close? When you’re in a hurry, those few seconds can feel like a lifetime, and they can certainly add up when you think of the days, weeks, months, and years. So, why not consider a high-speed garage door and opener to help you save precious seconds each day?

How do high-speed garage doors and openers work?

As the name suggests, high-speed garage doors and openers open much faster than standard garage doors, allowing you quicker and easier access when going in or out of the garage. High-speed garage doors can be capable of opening at speeds of up to 11 feet per second. While closing speeds are slightly more limited due to safety reasons, they are still significantly faster than traditional garage doors. The high-speed curtain opens quickly and smoothly thanks to powerful direct drive motors in the place of springs.

What are they used for?

High-speed garage doors are more commonly used for commercial properties compared to residential ones. In these environments, the garage doors will likely get much more use throughout the day, while residential homes may only need access to the garage a couple of times a day. Here are a few environments where high-speed garage doors and openers may be vital.

High-traffic areas – When employees are constantly going in and out of an area throughout the day, it is pertinent that they do not waste time as a result of slow garage door speeds. In these environments, high-speed garage doors can improve employee and company productivity.

Emergency areas – Garages located at buildings such as hospitals, police, and fire stations, emergency vehicles may need to get in and out very quickly in response to high-priority calls. Waiting for a slow-moving garage door in these situations could be fatal.

Freezers – High-speed garage doors are also more efficient when it comes to temperature control. The more time the door of a walk-in freezer stays open, the more cold air will get out and warmer air will get in, or vice versa for areas that need to stay at higher temperatures.

Clean rooms – Similarly, an open door can let in contaminants and pollutants. In enforced sanitary areas like clean rooms, this needs to be restricted as much as possible, so high-speed garage doors can help to maintain the cleanliness of the room.

High security areas – A fast closing garage door also limits the amount of time available for intruders to enter the area while the door remains open. In high-security areas where keeping intruders out is a priority, high-speed garage doors are commonly used.

If your commercial property, or even your home, could benefit from a high-speed garage door and opener, then contact us for help with supplying and installing your new garage doors around Savannah, Georgia.

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