How to Prevent Drafty Garages

A garage door that lets in drafts isn’t just an annoyance, it can also be a big drain on money over the cooler months as you have to make a real effort to heat your garage (and your home if they’re attached) to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Whether you only use your garage once in a while or you’re in there all the time, taking measures to eliminate the drafts can save you money and stress.

Eliminate gaps

If you walk around the interior walls of your garage, maybe you can feel certain areas where drafts are being let through. Small gaps in and around the walls can let in the air from outside, significantly reducing indoor temperatures. These can be plugged up using a material like silicone caulk.

Weather-stripping your garage door

Weather-stripping is an effective solution for sealing the gaps around your garage door that let air through. Vinyl or rubber weather-stripping material is applied around the sides and top of your garage door to seal off these gaps, preventing drafts and rain from getting in. If you already have weather-stripping but air is still being let through, then it may need replacing. Garage door bottom seals and threshold seals can also be applied to the bottom of the garage door or the floor underneath to seal this gap when the door is closed.


If your garage door and walls aren’t properly insulated, then this will also have an impact on the interior temperature of your garage and home. Certain materials transfer temperatures through the garage door more easily than others, but whatever your garage door is made from, insulation can help to reduce this significantly. If you’re buying a new garage door, then you can buy one that comes already insulated. Otherwise, there are various different materials that can be used to insulate your garage door and your garage walls as well. This will help to reduce the transfer of hot air as well as cold, so it will keep your garage and your home more energy efficient in both summer and winter.

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