Large and In Charge: Commercial Garage Doors

Compared to residential garage doors, commercial or industrial garage doors often have more complexities and factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right ones. One property that may not be as straightforward as residential doors is the size of your commercial garage doors.

When are oversized garage doors needed?

Oversized garage doors are simply much larger than your standard residential garage door. Commercial garage doors are already bigger on average than residential doors, which typically measure up around 7 feet high and 8 or 9 feet wide. Standard commercial garage doors generally have dimensions between 12 x 12 feet and 16 x 16 feet, while oversized garage doors can measure as much as 40 feet wide and up to more than 20 feet tall.

Not all commercial businesses will require oversized garage doors. The most common requirement for oversized garage doors is in businesses with large vehicles, such as distribution companies moving trucks in and out of garages or farmers with large tractors or combine harvesters. Even things as big as airplane hangars need to consider how they will provide an exit and entrance for their vehicles while ensuring the security of the facility.

Dimensions can vary greatly, largely depending on whether you need additional height or width, or both. The materials can also vary, although they primarily use steel and aluminum for their strength properties. The method of opening oversized doors may also vary compared to standard commercial or residential doors. An overhead garage door may not be possible (or safe) for larger and heavier doors. For example, rolling gates or sectional garage doors may be used in the case of larger oversized doors.

Oversized garage doors are installed in residential properties on rare occasions, most often for owners of RVs who need more height to their garage door so they can accommodate this vehicle.

Oversized garage door installation

Since oversized commercial garage doors require more specialist knowledge and greater considerations than standard commercial or residential garage doors, it is essential that you involve technicians that are experienced in this area. The same company should also be able to provide you with support throughout the lifetime of the garage door in terms of maintenance and repairs.

If you need support choosing or installing oversized doors for your commercial or industrial business, then we can help you. We’re located in Savannah, Georgia and support a range of homes and businesses for all their garage door needs.