Things to Consider Before Adding Windows to a Garage Door

How can you brighten up your garage door and the interior of your garage at the same time? By adding windows to the garage door. If this is something you’re considering, then you’ll want to make sure it’s the right choice for your garage door. We’ve listed some of the keys things to consider when making this decision.


Have a look at garage doors with windows, do you like the way they look? Think about how this will look on your garage door and the front of your home overall. Aesthetics are the main reason people choose to add windows to their garage door. They add a nice decorative touch and serve to break up an otherwise plain garage door. The enhanced appearance also adds to curb appeal, which can help homeowners attract buyers when selling their home.


Another important consideration is security because windows may allow passers-by to see inside your garage and can serve as an easier entry point depending on their size and positioning. If you have valuable items in your garage, then being able to see these through your garage windows could attract opportunists. Installing frosted windows is an easy way to counteract this risk.


Figure out what your budget is for upgrading your garage door and do some research into how much they will cost. Installation is a job better left to professionals, so make sure you include this in your pricing estimates. You can ask around local suppliers and installers to find out how much you’re likely to pay.

You should also make sure that your current garage door and opening system are compatible with the addition of windows, otherwise you may have to include the cost of replacing or updating your garage door into your budget.

Energy efficiency

Adding windows to your garage door will impact its insulative properties because windows are less insulative than modern garage doors. This means they’ll be more likely to let in drafts and create condensation in your garage. Consider how this will affect your ability to cool and heat your garage and the extra costs associated with this. If you don’t spend a lot of time in your garage, then this might not be an issue. If you don’t already have an insulated garage door, then it might be worth upgrading to one.

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