How to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

If you’re looking for cost savings in your business, then your energy usage could be a good place to start. Businesses obviously require energy to keep the lights on and keep their premises at a comfortable temperature for employees and customers, as well as running any equipment needed within the business.

And as well as saving money, becoming more energy efficient is also good for your brand’s reputation, as reducing waste and adopting more eco-friendly practices are big priorities for a lot of people right now. This means that more and more customers are choosing who they shop with or get their services from based on how ‘green’ a company is.

With these things in mind, here are some tips for making your business more energy efficient.

Arrange an energy audit

The best place to start is by figuring out where you are spending most of your energy in your business. An energy consumption business audit allows you to do exactly that, so you can plan accordingly and set targets for reducing your usage.

Ensure everything is powered down

Everything that can be powered down on your business premises overnight should be. Leaving lights on and computers running can waste a lot of electricity over time. Of course, some things may need to be left on, like certain equipment or the kitchen refrigerator, but don’t leave anything running unnecessarily. The same goes for your HVAC system, set timers so that it doesn’t run for longer than it needs to when the premises are empty.

Consider solar panels

Turn your attention to renewable energy by considering adding solar panels to your business premises. This is a viable option if you live somewhere with plenty of sunlight hours during the day, and if you have enough space on your premises or on your roof to install solar panels. It does require an initial investment to buy and install the panels, but can end up saving you money in the long run.

Upgrade your garage doors

If your business premises has garage doors leading into a mechanical workshop or an industrial freezer unit, for example, then your doors can have a big impact on your energy efficiency. Older commercial garage doors are likely to be less efficient than newer models, especially if they are worn and already need replacing. New, upgraded garage doors that are well-insulated can help to keep the heat in or out, depending on the function of the space, so that less energy is required to keep the space at the right temperature.

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