A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

New garage doors are a big investment, and we know you want to avoid throwing more money into big repairs down the road. We’re here to help! Follow these tips and keep your garage door working smoothly for many, many years to come.

You Get What You Pay For

“You get what you pay for!” This old adage is especially true for your garage doors. Begin by researching different garage door brands and suppliers so you’re able to identify the best quality garage doors in your search. Reputable garage door suppliers, like C.H.I. and Amarr, are typically members of professional associations and follow strict codes of conduct. Personal recommendations and online customer reviews are a great way to cut through the clutter and find a garage door company you can trust.

Because they are held to higher standards, these quality garage door companies may end up costing more. But you can rest assured that extra cost goes towards proper technician training and higher quality products. Better products and service means fewer costly repairs in your garage door’s lifetime. That’s also true for garage door openers, garage door springs, and any other component of the garage door system.

A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

Even the best garage door needs some upkeep. Spend just 10 to 15 minutes a few times each year doing simple tasks. Visually check the components of your garage door, lubricate metal hardware, and tighten any loose bolts. In addition, schedule an annual garage door tune-up if your garage door is over two years old. Springs, chains, tracks, openers, etc. need regular professional maintenance.

Don’t Ignore It

If you notice that your garage door has become noisy or started moving slowly, it could be a warning sign of a larger impending problem. Not only could these problems be dangerous for you and your family, but they could be costly. Especially in the case of collateral damage.

Don’t Be A Hero

Even the family’s best handyman will likely be lacking the necessary knowledge and equipment for garage door service and repairs. Don’t attempt to fix your garage door unless you are certified to do so. Garage door systems are interconnected and potentially dangerous, so always call a professional for consultation and service. We’re happy to help to keep your garage door working properly and keeping you, your family, and your belongings safe!