Ideas for Your Garage Door Hardware

Your garage door is a large part of the front of your home, so the style, color, and material of this large door are all important in terms of the image your home presents. But the smaller finishing touches to your garage door can make a big difference, too. In this article, we’ll look at ideas for your garage door hardware to help you add those finishing touches in style.

Tips for choosing decorative garage door hardware

One of the main things decorative hardware can do for your garage door is add some contrast to help it stand out more. Think of a light-colored garage door with solid black decorative hinges, for example. When designing your garage door, it’s a good idea to make it complement the front door of your house, so you may be able to match the styles and the hardware between the two doors.

Let’s look at some different types of garage door hardware to consider.

Garage door handles

Your handle is essential for function, particularly if you have a manually opening door. But it can also add to the aesthetics of the door. The positioning of your handle will depend on the style of your door and how it opens. A single panel door often has a single handle in the center of the door, for example, while roll-up doors may open from the bottom. Carriage style or barn style garage doors can have particularly attractive hardware, often with two handles on each side at the center of the door.

Different types of garage door handles include:

  • T-handles
  • Knob handles
  • Long pull handles
  • Ring pull handles

Decorative hinges

Decorative hinges are great for adding detail and contrast to your garage door, often seen on carriage and barn style doors. They can be installed in a variety of sizes, typically with two long hinges near the top and bottom of the door. A popular style is to have a white carriage style garage door with black, metal hinges to create a traditional, rustic look.


One piece of hardware that is typically only for decorative purposes is clavos. These are like large nails or bolts that stick out of the front of your garage door and can be arranged in a variety of ways. You may see a series of clavos around an arch of a garage door or demarcating different panels of a door. Like hinges, these can add more detail and contrast to your garage door.

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