Get Your Garage Spring Clean Done Early

Spring is a time for new starts and, for some people, the annual spring clean of their home and garden. But why do you have to wait for spring? If the clutter in your garage is getting you down now, then spring into action early! Here are some of our top tips for spring cleaning your garage.

Declutter first

There are bound to be things stored in your garage that you no longer use or need. A spring clean is the perfect time to be ruthless and get rid of them. Sort through everything in your garage and decide what you can throw away, sell, or donate. Organize all these things in separate boxes and move them out of the garage to give yourself more space.

Empty it out

Now for everything that’s leftover in your garage – try to remove as much of it as possible. Put it out on your drive if the weather is clear, or move it into your house if it’s not. This will clear the ground and surfaces to allow you to give the garage a deep clean.

Work on the garage floor

You regularly vacuum inside your home, but your garage likely gets neglected. Use this chance to give your garage floor a good scrub. First, sweep the floor clear of all the dust and debris. Then get a bucket of warm, soapy water and scrub the entire floor with a hard-bristled brush. Make sure you let it dry out properly before you start moving things back in.

Clean the surfaces

If you have any shelves, countertops, or workshop surfaces in your garage, then sweep these down, too, wipe them clean, and scrub any stains out of them. Don’t forget to clean inside any drawers, as well.

Sort out your storage

If you used to just pile things up in the garage, it’s time to get a proper storage system into place. Sort out any drawers, shelves, and cupboards that you currently have and make sure things are arranged tidily in them so that you know where everything is. If you’re short on storage, then invest in more shelves, drawers, or cabinets – whatever you have space for. If you don’t have much floor space, then think how you can utilize the walls for storage or even ceiling racks.

Once the entire garage is clean and you have the storage solutions you need, you can move everything back into your clean, tidy, and orderly garage.

Performing important checks and maintenance on your garage door at the same time as your spring clean will make sure your garage is all in good shape for the year ahead. Book your next garage door tune-up to go with your annual spring clean. Call Action Overhead Door for any garage door repair and maintenance you need near Hilton Head and Savannah, Georgia.