Choosing lighting for outside your garage door

Lighting isn’t just for functional use inside your garage, but it can also be used for great effect outside of your garage door. In this article, we’ve got a useful guide for the uses of lighting your garage door on the outside and tips for choosing the best garage door lights.

Lighting for safety

One reason you might want lights outside your garage door is to illuminate your driveway or front yard after dark. This will make it easier to walk out to your garage or from your garage back to your house without the risk of tripping and injuring yourself. This is especially useful for families with young children or when guests are visiting.

Lighting for security

Lighting at the front of your house and outside of your garage can also help to deter criminals and burglars. Security lighting and motion sensor lights automatically switch on when movement is detected within range of the lights. If someone is creeping around your house to see if they can break in, then a bright light turning on is likely to scare them away for fear of being caught.

Lighting for curb appeal

Landscape and architectural lighting can be used to improve the aesthetics of the front of your home and garage, helping to boost its curb appeal. You could install path lights that shine upward or affix lights above the garage door that shine downward. There are lots of different styles and positionings of lights that can create different looks by casting shadows and creating contrast. 

When installing outdoor lighting for your garage door or elsewhere, it’s important that you choose either damp-rated or wet-rated fixtures to ensure their safety and functionality. 

The size and quantity of your garage door lights will depend on a variety of factors, such as what you want to achieve with them and the size of your garage door. One light could be enough for practically illuminating the area, but adding more lights and carefully choosing their placement could create a better aesthetic.

What about the different styles of garage door lighting? Spotlights or floodlights can be a good choice for safety and security purposes, particularly with motion sensors. For more aesthetic lights, you could place wall-mounted lantern-style lights on either side of the garage door or place path lights in the ground at the base of your garage door for a streamlined look.

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