Maintenance for Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors can have a big impact on productivity and safety in your business. They play an important role in a lot of industries and businesses, from refrigeration to retail. Proper maintenance for your commercial garage doors can be seen as even more important than that for residential garage doors due to their nature and frequency of use. So, it’s a good idea to plan when and how you’re going to have checks, maintenance, and repairs performed.

What is planned, preventative maintenance?

Planned, preventative maintenance, or PPM, refers to scheduled maintenance for machinery and equipment in a commercial or industrial setting. Machinery is scheduled for maintenance at regular intervals rather than as and when problems arise or damage occurs. This is typically done on a time-based schedule – every six months, for example – but can also be based on the condition of machinery, where maintenance is carried out when the early warning signs of wear and tear are noticed.

The benefits of PPM

While more frequent maintenance may seem like it will be costlier and more arduous, it offers a lot of benefits in the long run. Preventative maintenance keeps your equipment up and running, avoiding disruptions to work processes that would likely occur if something breaks down due to not being maintained properly. This also makes your workplace safer for everyone, as machinery will be safer to operate if it is well-maintained, helping to prevent workplace injuries.

PPM can also be a more cost-efficient solution for your business, while also making costs more predictable. If you have a schedule mapped out for what you’re going to perform maintenance on and when, then you can assess what costs will be incurred due to maintenance throughout the year. If you leave your equipment poorly maintained, then a sudden breakdown could incur much larger costs, which you may not have planned for.

PPM for your commercial garage doors

If a garage door in your workplace suddenly can’t open properly, then this could be incredibly disruptive to your company. It could also be costly to repair and could pose a risk to the safety of your staff. Planned garage door maintenance ensures that proper inspections are carried out on a regular basis to ensure that everything’s in good condition. If faults or damage are noticed, then the necessary action can be carried out before it becomes more of a problem.

Among other things, preventative maintenance for your commercial garage doors should make sure that all parts are properly tightened and lubricated, that the tracks are clear, the door is properly balanced, and the garage door springs are in good condition.

If you need regular preventative maintenance for garage doors in your business, then contact Action Overhead Door for our maintenance and repair services around Rincon and Savannah, GA.