4 Characteristics of High-Quality Commercial Garage Doors

Compared to residential garage doors, commercial doors undergo a lot of daily use and, therefore, a lot of daily wear and tear. They are also likely to be concealing more valuable goods and equipment, or high levels of stock. For both these reasons, it’s important that you select high-quality commercial garage doors to ensure that they are built to last and are effective at protecting the goods contained inside the garage.

When choosing a high-quality commercial garage door, here are a few key characteristics to look for.

Sturdy parts

A high-quality garage door needs to be made up of high-quality parts. The garage door spring and other parts should be made from sturdy materials and designed to withstand more cycles than is required of the garage door. This will ensure that the parts will last as long as or longer than the lifetime of the commercial garage door, even with heavy use. Of course, a proper maintenance schedule is also important in ensuring this, helping to avoid broken garage door springs.

Modern security features

With vehicles, equipment, or stock stored inside a garage, the security of your garage door is vital. Modern garage doors have lots of security features to boast about, making them much more difficult to break into compared to older garage doors. Features like remote lockouts and rolling security codes help to keep unauthorized people out of your garages. An automated log of when and by whom the door is opened is also good for security records.

Modern safety features

As well as security, safety should be another concern for your commercial garage doors. These doors are large and heavy, meaning they can do some serious damage in the event of a fault. Modern safety features help to ensure the safety of the user and to prevent damage to surrounding objects. Motion sensors and auto-reverse features, for example, ensure that an automatically closing garage door will reverse if it meets something in its path. This ensures that people or cars underneath the garage door will not be crushed.

Extra insulation

A properly insulated garage door is important both for the comfort of personnel inside the garage and for maintaining the condition of goods inside the garage. Insulation helps to keep the weather out and maintain the correct temperature, which may be especially important for garages storing electrical equipment. When choosing an insulated garage door, look for the highest R-Value for a garage door that can block the most air and moisture.

When it comes to commercial garage doors, investing a little more money in quality is a smart choice. You can contact Action Overhead Door for your next commercial garage door installation. We’re based in Rincon, Georgia and serve the wider Savannah area.

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