5 Businesses/Industries That Use Commercial Garage Doors

An industrial or commercial garage door has a few differences from a residential garage door. They tend to be larger so that they can allow tall or wide vehicles in and they need to be able to withstand heavy usage. While we only tend to open and close our home garage doors a couple of times a day, commercial garage doors may be in use dozens of times a day.

Let’s look at some of the different businesses or industries that require commercial garage doors and what they use them for.

Mechanics and Repair Shops

At a mechanics, lots of vehicles of all shapes and sizes need to come in and out on a daily basis. This requires a large garage door that can function reliably under heavy use. Vehicles will also need to be kept securely overnight in the garage, so security is a priority with commercial garage doors for repair shops. A properly insulated door may also be important to protect the contained vehicles from the elements and to provide a comfortable working environment for the mechanics.


Restaurants may require commercial garage doors for accepting deliveries, storing fresh produce, and storing larger items like furniture and kitchen equipment. Less conventionally, some restaurants are also employing garage doors as a flexible way to transform their dining space. Sectional garage doors can be used to open up the space during nice weather, letting the warmth and natural light into the restaurant and giving diners the option of eating outside. Glass panels can be an especially trendy way of achieving this.

Emergency departments

Fire departments, police stations, and hospitals need to be able to get emergency vehicles in and out as quickly as possible when responding to an emergency. Large enough doors are required, especially for fire departments, and they need to be fast opening and easy to operate to aid their response times.

Manufacturing companies

Warehouses and other premises used for manufacturing need to be able to load and unload large shipments of materials, equipment, and manufactured products. Commercial garage doors for manufacturing companies need to be reliable as they will be in operation throughout the day.

Retail stores

Retail stores and places that store retail inventory will also be collecting a lot of deliveries and shipments into their premises. Whatever the products, they need to be collected and moved to the stock floor with ease. Rolling service doors are commonly used for these environments.

There are lots of other businesses and industries that make good use of commercial garage doors. If you need a garage door installer for your commercial premises in Georgia, contact us today. We’re right here in Rincon, Georgia and serve homes and businesses around Savannah.