5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Electric Garage Door Opener

If your electric garage door opener is getting on in years, then maybe it’s time for a replacement. Perhaps it was already installed when you moved into the house, in which case you might not even know how old it is. Even if it seems like your garage door opener is operating in good condition still, there are lots of benefits of upgrading to a new electric garage door opener. Here are a few of those benefits…

Enjoy smart technology

Smart technology is making our lives more convenient in so many ways, and it has spread to the garage, too. You can connect to your garage door opener via your smartphone or home Wi-Fi network to control and monitor it remotely. This offers the benefits of convenience, saving precious seconds every time you open and close your door, security, as you can lock your door remotely and monitor entry, and comfort, as you can monitor and control temperature remotely.

Keep intruders out

We mentioned that smart technology is making our garages more secure, but that’s not the only thing. A rolling code feature prevents thieves from accessing the code required to gain access to your garage, since the code is different each time you open it.

Make your garage door quieter

Garage doors and their openers make noise when they operate, but it shouldn’t be excessive. If your garage door makes loud and unusual noises when you open and close it, then it could indicate that there is a problem with it. Or it could just be down to its age and its reliance on a chain drive. Modern door openers tend to favor belt drives, which run much more smoothly and quietly.

Make it a safer environment

If your garage door opener doesn’t have the right safety features, then the door can cause injury to people that get in its way, or damage to property, including your car. Modern garage door openers have advanced safety features that are designed to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Automatic reversal features and photo eye sensors ensure that your garage door will stop and even reverse when something is obstructing its path.

Avoid getting locked out

Being able to operate your garage door electronically is really convenient, but only if you have power. With older openers, you’d be a bit stuck in the event of a power outage. But many new garage door openers feature a battery backup system that you can rely on if the power does go out.

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