A Guide to Converting Your Garage

If you don’t park a car in your garage or require the space for storage, then you could have the option of converting your garage into a space for another purpose. If you’ve thought about doing this or are already planning a garage conversion, then read on for some tips and ideas on how to do it.

What to convert your garage into

There are lots of options when it comes to converting your garage for another purpose. Maybe you already have something in mind, something you’ve been wishing for in your home for a while. If not, then think about what kind of space you would find useful. Here are a few ideas of what you can convert your garage into:

  • Spare bedroom
  • Workshop
  • Gym
  • Kids’ playroom
  • Bar/entertainment space
  • Home office
  • Cinema room
  • Library/study
  • Band practice space

There are lots of great options depending on the needs of you and your family. Whatever you decide on, here are some tips for your garage conversion…

Is it suitable?

You first need to make sure that a garage conversion is viable. The walls, foundation, and roof of your garage will need to be assessed to make sure that they are structurally sound enough to support the changes you are planning. You may be able to reinforce them to make them viable or it may require that you build a new garage for your project. Make sure you adhere to any building regulations and get the proper permissions.

Consider insulation

Garage insulation may not be a hugely important factor when you’re just using your garage to park a car, but it certainly is if you’re building a space that you’ll be spending time in. As well as comfort, properly insulating your garage can help to dampen some of the noise that comes from it, particularly important if a band will be practicing in there. Check out our blog for tips on insulating your garage door and garage floor.


Ventilation can be an issue with regular garages, often because they don’t have windows. To make your new space comfortable and to avoid problems like damp, you will need to consider ventilation. Add windows, vents, and fans as needed to achieve this.

Heating, cooling, and electrics

You will also need more infrastructure in place when it comes to electrical outlets and HVAC to make the space functional and comfortable. New wiring will likely be required, so talk to the relevant professionals to get all of this planned and set up.

If you’re building a new garage or upgrading your current one, then contact Action Overhead Garage Door for all of your garage door needs. Whether you need a new door or require repair or maintenance, we can help you around Hilton Head and Savannah, Georgia.