A Guide to Weatherstripping for Your Garage Door

When not properly insulated and sealed, your garage door can let in a lot of cold air and rain in bad weather, not to mention bugs and other pests. This makes it harder to maintain your garage in good condition and at a comfortable temperature, which is why proper weatherstripping is so important for your garage door. Read on to find out more about weatherstripping and how to maintain your garage door.

What is weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping refers to both the process of sealing your garage door (or other openings) to prevent wind, rain and other things getting in, and the materials used to carry out this process. Thanks to their durability, vinyl and rubber are commonly used to seal a garage door in this way.

Why is it important?

Proper weatherstripping helps to prevent water from leaking into your garage from outside, particularly during heavy rain or snow, helping to protect the inside of your garage from mold and water damage. It also makes your garage more energy-efficient by keeping the cold air out and the warm air in, or vice versa. A garage door that isn’t properly sealed will lead to a drafty garage, making it more difficult to heat and cool, causing an increase in your energy bills.

And it’s not just for keeping the weather out. Properly sealing your garage door with well-maintained weatherstripping will help to keep those tiny pests out, ones that could otherwise crawl or fly through the gaps.

Weatherstripping maintenance and care

Just like other parts of your garage door, it’s important to keep your weatherstripping well-maintained. On the outside of your garage door, this material is constantly exposed to the elements and temperature fluctuations, so it is bound to degrade over time.

You should clean your weatherstripping on a regular basis to help keep it in good condition. A simple all-purpose cleaner will do the trick. Wipe all around the seal with a cloth or a rag. Also, lubricating the material every few months will help to keep it flexible and prevent wear and tear. Make sure to visually check your weatherstripping occasionally to ensure there are no cracks or that the material isn’t coming away from the door. If your weatherstripping becomes cracked, then it will likely need replacing.

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