Best equipment to stock your home garage gym with

If you don’t use your garage for parking your car or much else, then it could be the perfect space to convert into a home gym. Keep motivation levels high and avoid the rush of busy gyms, not to mention the costly membership, by having a gym just a few steps from your home. And you can tailor it to you, only buying the equipment that you’ll actually use to help make your gym more affordable and functional.

So, if this idea takes your fancy, then let’s look at some of the best equipment to stock your home garage gym with.

Free weights

Free weights are an extremely versatile option, allowing you to work out the entire body with lots of different exercises. You can choose between dumbbells and barbells, or both, of lots of different weights, sizes, and materials. Barbells can either be fixed weights or you can buy an empty bar that you stack weights onto to suit your ability and the exercise you’re doing, from isolated bicep curls to full body deadlifts.

If you’re new to lifting weights, you should try to start small and focus on getting your form right before you try to lift something too heavy.

Resistance bands

If you’re short on space in your home gym, then resistance bands are one of the most efficient pieces of workout gear you can choose. They’re also incredibly versatile, affordable, and can be stored away in a small bag or hung on the wall to not take up much space. These are essentially large rubber bands that you pull and stretch using various parts of your body for different exercises. They come with different levels of resistance so you can choose the right strength for you.

Cardio machines

If you do have the space and budget for them, then there are various cardio machines you can choose from, depending on what kind of exercise you like. Treadmills, exercise bikes, stair masters, rowing machines, and cross trainers are some popular options to get you sweating and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Power racks/power towers

This piece of equipment gives you lots of options for calisthenic exercises such as pull-ups, dips, dead-hangs, and muscle-ups (depending on your ability level). They come in a variety of different sizes, with larger racks or power cages typically having more capabilities for different exercises, so you can choose one that suits the space you have available.

Gym mats

You probably don’t want to do sit-ups and push-ups on a cold concrete floor, so gym mats are a simple necessity for your home gym. You could just purchase an individual mat that you lay down on the floor to do an exercise, or you could lay matted floor in your whole garage to make the space more comfortable.

A properly insulated garage door will also help to make your home gym more comfortable and improve climate control. If you need maintenance, repair, or a new garage door, then contact Action Overhead Door for our expert services around Savannah, Rincon, and Brunswick, GA.