Broken Garage Door Springs in Savannah, GA

Do you have a broken garage door spring in Savannah, GA? A broken spring can be a serious and dangerous problem, so it’s important to be safe around your garage door and to contact a professional to fix the problem. If you’re unsure whether your garage door spring is broken or damaged, this blog should help you identify the symptoms.

Here are our tips for dealing with broken garage door springs.

What to do if you notice that your spring is damaged

If your garage door spring has become damaged, the best case scenario is that you notice this before the damage becomes so severe that the spring breaks. When that spring breaks, it can be very dangerous, so it’s best to call a garage door technician right away to replace the spring.

Replacing the spring is your best bet when the spring is really damaged because it is likely to get worse as you continue to operate the door. Garage door springs last several years when maintained properly, so a replacement is a good investment.

If you have two garage doors or a large garage door that requires two springs, it is better to get them both replaced at the same time, even if only one is damaged. They’re likely to last a similar time to each other, so the other one may be on its way out, too. Replacing them both now can save you some headaches down the line.

Why a broken garage door spring can be dangerous

When a garage door spring no longer lifts the garage door properly, the door could suddenly come crashing down when left open. If someone is under the garage door at this time, it will cause serious harm. You could also damage your property, if your car is under the garage door at that moment, for example.

A garage door spring can also cause danger at the moment that it breaks, depending on whether you have an extension spring or a torsion spring. Torsion springs are much safer, but extension springs snap in two when they break, which can cause the parts to fly away from the door. These can also do serious damage if they strike someone or something.

On top of the danger broken garage door springs pose, the process of replacing the springs is also complicated. Overall, it is safer, more convenient, and more effective to have a professional technician replace your garage door springs.

If your garage door spring has broken or if you’re in doubt about any of the above, you should contact Action Overhead Door to handle the problem for you safely and effectively.

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