Common Problems with Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors get a lot of use day in and day out. Typically much more than residential garage doors. They’re made tougher and more durable to compensate for this, but they can still suffer from the wear and tear they experience every day. This blog is going to prepare you for some of the common problems you might face with your commercial garage doors and what to do in these situations.

Broken garage door springs

Whether your commercial garage door uses a torsion spring or extension springs, they can cause real problems if they become damaged or break. With broken or damaged garage door springs, you might not be able to open or close your garage door completely, or it might not open at all. They can also pose safety risks if your garage door springs can’t support the door in the open position.

Regular checks and maintenance help to keep your commercial garage door springs in good condition and allow you to spot damage before the springs break. Always call a professional technician if your springs need replacing.

Damaged cables

The cables attached to your garage door also make sure it keeps operating properly and safely. These can weaken over time as they have to support a lot of weight when opening and closing the door. Keep an eye on your cables for any evidence of fraying, cracking, or other damage. If your commercial garage door isn’t staying on its rollers properly, this may also be due to damaged cables.

Cables generally need replacing every 10-20 years, depending on usage and how they’re treated. Call a garage door technician if you notice any damage to the cables or problems with your garage door alignment. Having your cables replaced before they break is much safer and more affordable than putting it off.

Malfunctioning safety features

Safety is of utmost importance in the workplace, and commercial garage doors can be dangerous things to be around. Modern garage doors have impressive safety features that are there to prevent doors accidentally closing when someone or something is in their path. If something is wrong with the photo eye sensors or automatic reverse mechanism, then accidents can easily happen.

You should test these safety features on a regular basis to ensure they are operating properly. If you discover a problem, call a technician to assess and repair the problem before someone gets hurt or property gets damaged.

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