Electrical Safety in the Garage

Many residential garages tend to be the darkest and dampest part of the house. So, operating electrical equipment in this kind of environment can be a hazard. As well as tools, some people use their garage to store appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. In this article, we’ll provide some tips to help keep your garage a safe place when it comes to electrics.

Use appropriate extension cords

Since garages can be damp places and you may also use extension cords to extend an appliance from a garage outlet to outside of your garage, you should buy extension cords that are suitable for outdoor use. These are more weather-resistant and have greater insulation to help ensure safety.

You should also check extension cords before using them to check for any fraying or exposed wires. You should replace your extension cords if this does happen.

Watch what you store next to electrical appliances and outlets

You probably store a variety of things in your garage. When organizing your storage, make sure you don’t place flammable items and chemicals directly next to electrical appliances and outlets. This includes cardboard boxes, as a spark could set these alight and cause a fire to spread. You should also make sure that cardboard boxes and other items stored next to electrical equipment is dry.

Monitor and test circuit breakers

Make sure you know which circuit breaker distributes power to your garage. Monitor the voltage on your circuit breakers and test them occasionally to make sure you don’t overload them with the electrical equipment used in your garage.

Prevent and clean up spills

Water conducts electricity, which can make it very dangerous to use or even be around. So, if water ever gets into your garage and pools on the floor, from rain leaking in or snow melting off your car, for example, then make sure you mop it up immediately to reduce the risk.

GFCI outlets

Upgrading to GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets could also make your garage a safer place. These outlets cut off electricity when there is a problem, helping to prevent short circuits and electrical shocks. If you have this type of outlet, then make sure to test them regularly.

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