Installing A Garage Wall Pegboard

Are you looking for solutions to better organize your garage and keep things stored neatly and logically? A garage wall pegboard could be a great solution. If you’re interested in this idea for your home garage, then read on to find out more about it and how to install your own.

What are pegboards?

A pegboard is a typically wooden board, although they can also be made of metal, with small holes positioned uniformly across the entire area of the board. These are designed for the ends of hooks to be inserted into the holes so that the hooks stick out of the board for storage purposes.

This is great for versatile storage and organization. You can hang hooks of a variety of shapes and sizes from the holes in your pegboard, allowing you to hang a wide range of objects from them. You can place hooks wherever you want, and in as many or as few holes as you want. Pegboards come in a variety of sizes, and you can use multiple boards to cover more of your wall.

In your garage, pegboards can be ideal for storing lots of different tools and equipment so that they are easily on hand and well-organized when you need them. This saves rooting around in a draw for something and helps you save floor space in your garage, too.

How to install a pegboard in your garage

Start by measuring your wall and deciding how much of the wall you want to cover with a pegboard. Having these measurements when you go to a store will help you find exactly what you need. Purchase the size of pegboard that you need, or multiple pegboards to hang together for larger spaces. If you need to cut your pegboard down to size, then many stores will do this for you or you can DIY it. You may also need to buy furring strips to frame and hang the pegboard more easily.

When it comes to mounting your pegboard, the process will vary slightly depending on the type of wall you have. This article has some more tips on how to mount your pegboard properly. Once it’s mounted, you can start placing your hooks and hanging your tools. There are a variety of types and sizes of hooks you can buy, and then experiment with their configuration depending on what and how much you want to store.

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