Insulating Your Garage Floor

Properly insulating your garage helps to keep moisture, pests, and either the heat or cold air out. But it’s not just important to insulate your garage door and walls; insulating your garage floor can also be beneficial for temperature and humidity control in your garage. Read on to find out more about insulating your garage floor.

Why should you insulate your garage floor?

Most garages feature unfinished concrete floors, which aren’t very insulative and are likely to be extremely cold to walk on. Even if you’re always wearing footwear in the garage, having a cold, uninsulated floor can lower the temperature in your garage, making it more difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature and potentially causing dampness.

Now, a cold garage floor isn’t too much of a problem if you only use your garage for storage and parking your car. However, if you use your garage as a workshop or want to convert it into a living space, spare bedroom, or any other uses you might have for your garage, then an insulated floor is essential. This is important for energy efficiency as well as comfort.

How to insulate your garage floor

First of all, laying a new floor over the base concrete slab should help to warm it up a little and make it more comfortable. Choosing a more insulative flooring material is advisable. Rubber or vinyl tiles, for example, can be much warmer and more comfortable than simply finishing your concrete floor to improve its appearance.

But what about adding additional insulation? This is usually done by adding layers on top of the existing slab, which requires leveling the floor and reducing moisture as much as possible before adding the insulation. Rigid foam insulation can be used to provide the insulative material between your garage floor and the concrete base beneath it. Plywood can also be laid over this before applying your final flooring.

There are various options for improving the insulative properties of your garage floor. It’s advised to speak to a professional to assess the best option for your garage floor, as well as installing and finishing your insulated garage floor. And don’t forget to insulate your garage door if yours isn’t currently insulated.

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