Modern Garage Door Styles

There are some great traditional styles you can choose for your garage door, such as barn-style or carriage-style garage doors. These options add a classic style and can also be good for curb appeal, but what if you’re looking for a more contemporary style? A well-designed modern garage door can also produce extremely attractive results, so let’s look at some tips and options if you want a modern garage door for your home.

Glass garage doors

Garage doors that are predominantly made from glass really lend themselves to the sleek minimalism and clean lines that are so common in contemporary styles. They let in lots of natural light and blur the lines between inside and outside, which is another modern trend. There are lots of different styles available for glass garage doors, typically designed with a lightweight aluminum frame.

Garage doors with windows

If you’re not ready to go all the way with a full glass garage door (or if you don’t have the budget for it), then adding windows to your garage door is the next best thing. Windows can be a great aesthetic and decorative addition to your door as well as letting natural light into your garage. You have lots of choice when it comes to shape, size, style, and positioning of your garage door windows.

Mixing materials

Why choose just one material for your garage door? Modern styles are much more likely to use a combination of two or more materials. Mix warm woods with cool metals to blend styles together and complement different elements of your home, choosing materials that stylishly complement or contrast each other. You can do this by contrasting the material of your garage door with the trim, frame, windows, or other elements of your garage door and home’s façade.

Asymmetrical designs

Modern architectural style doesn’t necessarily conform with the idea of symmetry. You can use various design elements in your garage door to create asymmetry, including your modern-style windows. Instead of adding windows in a horizontal line across the top of your door, why not have them running vertically down just one side of your garage door to draw attention to this asymmetry. Frames, joints, and decorative garage door features can also be used to create an asymmetrical design.

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