Most Common Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Do you need new garage doors for your commercial premises? Commercial garage doors often have different specifications than residential garage doors, with them required to be larger, more durable, or faster to open and close. If you’re choosing a garage door for your business, then there are the three most common types for you to consider.

Roll-up garage doors

Roll-up garage doors, which are typically made from steel, consist of lots of thin slats that essentially fold up one at a time so that the entire sheet door rolls up and is stored neatly at the top of the garage when it is open. This doesn’t require tracks like a standard overhead garage door.

These doors are commonly seen in storage units and facilities as well as in retail settings to provide a secure way to close a store, mall, or food counter, for example. A variety of commercial and industrial businesses can benefit from them, however, offering a convenient way to seal sections off from one another in warehouses and other buildings.

Overhead garage doors

An overhead garage door, most commonly a sectional garage door, lift up and then into the garage on tracks so that they sit parallel with the ceiling once completely open. These are a robust and durable option that are usually made from steel in commercial settings, and are often insulated. The sections used here are much larger than those used for roll-up doors. Overhead garage doors are suitable for lots of different commercial applications.

High-speed garage doors

High-speed garage doors are great for productivity in business if personnel, equipment, and vehicles are frequently going in and out of the premises. These garage doors typically open and close vertically and do so much quicker than residential garage doors. This reduces the amount of time the garage door is open for when opening and closing, which is important for temperature-controlled buildings, such as refrigerated units.

Fire-rated garage doors

If your business premises house electrical equipment and/or flammable materials, then certain precautions should be taken in case a fire breaks out. Fire-rated garage doors help to reduce the spread of a fire through the facility, which helps to keep your staff, equipment, and property safe. These are typically steel roll-up doors and are fire-resistant.

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