Soundproofing Your Garage

Garages are great multipurpose spaces, providing somewhere for you and other members of the family to pursue their hobbies, as well as being somewhere to park your car and store various belongings. But what if those hobbies are noisy? If you or your family members complain that there is too much noise coming from the garage, then soundproofing could be an option.

Why you might want to soundproof your garage

People particularly might want to soundproof their garage if it is attached to their house. Noise can really carry through the walls, so any noise coming from the garage may disturb the rest of your family. And for any type of garage, a noisy garage might disturb your neighbors, too.

How much of an issue this is depends largely on what your garage is used for. For example, if you do a lot of DIY involving power tools, then you might be making a lot of noise that could annoy and disturb others in your home and neighborhood. Similarly, you might have kids that play an instrument or practice with their band. The garage can be an ideal space for this, and soundproofing will help to minimize the noise.

Soundproofing can also be a good idea if you have a bedroom over your garage. If you get up early for work and your partner or kids are still sleeping in the room above your garage, then you might wake them simply by starting the car. Or if you like to get up early on weekends to do DIY or other projects in the garage, then you’re likely to disturb their sleep.

How to soundproof your garage

Your main focus when soundproofing your garage should be the garage door. Sound is transmitted via vibrations, so your garage door will transmit sound more than the walls or ceiling because of its moving parts. A properly insulated garage door will be more soundproof than one without insulation, so considering installing a new garage door or simply adding insulation to reduce the transmission of sound. Mass loaded vinyl and sound deadening foam are insulative materials that you can use specifically for their soundproofing properties.

Acoustic foam panels can be applied to the interior walls of your garage to reduce sound transmission and improve the acoustics inside your garage, which can be important if it is used as a band’s rehearsal space. These can also be applied to the inside of the garage door, but they may prevent you from opening the garage door if you do so, depending on the type of door you have.

Finally, ensure that any gaps around your garage door and cracks in the walls are sealed up. Check that your weather-stripping is all intact and replace it if necessary.

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