The Benefits of a Garage Door Screen

If you like to spend time in your garage, whether that’s for work or play, then you should consider installing a garage door screen to help improve your experience and make it a more comfortable space. A garage door screen is typically made from a tight mesh material within a metal frame, which fits easily in the opening of your garage door. Garage door screens can also be retractable, sliding, or roll-up to make it easy to open and close the screen.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of adding a garage door screen to your home garage.

Let in light and air while keeping out pests

If you’re using your garage, especially during the spring or summer, then you’ll want to let in some natural light and some fresh air for ventilation to make it more comfortable and pleasant. However, simply opening your garage door will mean that insects and other pests can get in, attracted to the light or the warmth and shelter of your garage.

A garage door screen is the perfect solution as it lets in light and air from outside while blocking insects and other pests, as well as dust and debris that might be blown in by the wind – also helping to keep your garage clean.

Reduce energy costs

Since it lets in light and air, a garage door screen also allows you to use less energy when you are inside your garage. If you’re using your garage during daylight hours, then you won’t need lights on inside the garage thanks to the natural light being let in. You may also be able to reduce your AC usage if a cool breeze is let into your garage on a warm evening, for example.

Security benefits

A garage door screen can also add an extra layer of security to your garage. Although they may not be difficult to break through if someone tries, simply seeing an open garage door with a screen in front of it will make your garage less of an easy target than one that’s wide open. And if your garage door is closed, then the screen behind it adds one more barrier to get past, making it all the more likely that you or a passer-by will spot the person trying to break in.

Overall, a garage door screen can make your garage a more comfortable and functional space for when you’re entertaining guests, working out in your garage, or using the space for a hobby. For all of your garage door needs around Rincon and Savannah, GA, contact Action Overhead Door.