The Best Materials for Garage Floors

If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your garage and make it a more stylish or comfortable space, then why not look to the floor? A garage floor needs to be sturdy and resilient enough to stand up to regular foot and vehicle traffic. It also should be fairly waterproof and weather-resistant as rain is likely to be tracked through, spills might occur, and moisture levels may be generally higher than inside your home.

So, what types of flooring are the best choices for garages? Read on for a few ideas to inspire your garage renovation…


Vinyl is a versatile flooring option for your garage with lots of different color options available. You can install vinyl tiles or roll-out vinyl flooring, both of which are fairly easy to lay down. Vinyl is comfortable underfoot and easy to clean. The added bonus of vinyl tiles is that you can easily replace just one or two tiles if damage occurs, rather than replacing the entire floor. Vinyl is a durable option, although it is not the most durable on the list, so may not be suitable for high-traffic garages.


Epoxy is a paint-like coating that strengthens the floor by providing a resilient surface as well as making it look more attractive. Epoxy combines a resin with a hardener and can simply be applied to your floor using paint rollers. You also have the option of adding colored chips over the resin to add some extra color and texture to your flooring.

Finished concrete

If you want to make your unfinished concrete floor look more presentable but don’t have much of a budget, then you can simply apply a finish to the existing concrete. A concrete sealer can make the surface glossier and more durable. Alternatively, you can polish your concrete floor or apply a stain to retain the look of natural concrete while still enhancing it.

Rubber tiles

Interlocking tiles or jigsaw mats, often seen in gyms, can also be used to cover your garage floor. These tiles easily fit together and can be flipped, moved, or replaced if spills or damage occurs. They are durable, comfortable underfoot, and available in a range of different colors that you can mix and match.

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