The Pros and Cons of Garage Skylights

Are you looking for more ways to upgrade your garage? Adding one or more skylights to the roof of your garage can add to its visual appeal as well as offering various functional benefits for the space inside your garage. Read on to find out more about adding skylights to your garage and some of the pros and cons.

The pros of garage skylights

If you’re on the fence about adding skylights to your garage, then here are some of the benefits that might convince you.

  • A source of natural light – Garages are often dark, dank places with no natural light. Adding a skylight can brighten up your garage and give the impression that it is airier and more spacious.
  • Reduced electricity costs – With more natural light coming into your garage, you won’t have to rely as much on electricity to provide light when you’re working in your garage during daylight hours, lowering your electricity bill.
  • Increased ventilation – Not all skylights have the ability to open and close, but if you’re looking for ways to get some fresh air through your garage, then you could opt for a model that can do this. Increasing garage ventilation helps to reduce humidity and prevent problems such as mold.
  • Visual appeal – Skylights can add an interesting design element to your garage that helps it stand out, also helping to improve curb appeal.

The cons of garage skylights

So, with all the benefits listed, why do you not see skylights in garages more often? Let’s look at some of the potential drawbacks that might affect your decision.

  • The cost – Like any renovation, adding a skylight or two to your garage is going to cost you, and it might not be a top priority if you are working to a tight budget. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of adding a skylight is between $960 and $2,378.
  • Risk of leaking – Skylights increase the risk of water leaking into your garage when it rains. However, if your skylight is properly installed and maintained, then this should be unlikely.
  • Can reduce insulation – Windows lose more heat compared to your garage walls and roof. So, you may invest money into properly insulating your garage and your garage door, but then adding skylights can still affect this and make your garage less energy efficient.

If you want more natural light for your garage then skylights or garage door windows are both great options. Get in touch if you need a new or upgraded garage door for your latest remodel, for garage door repair, maintenance, and installation around Rincon and Savannah, Georgia.

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