The Side Door to Your Garage

If you’re renovating your garage or building one from scratch, then one thing to consider is whether or not you want a side door as an alternative point of entry. A lot of residential and commercial garages have side doors, particularly for garages attached to a house or other building. Read on to find out more about side garage doors to help you make your mind up.

Side doors for attached garages

If your garage is attached to your home, then the side door will typically be installed on the side of your garage that attaches to the house. This is extremely convenient as it allows you to easily go in and out of your garage without having to go outside. This is typically a quicker way to access your garage and also keeps you comfortable when it’s cold or raining outside.

One thing to consider is that this side door could also serve as an additional entry point to intruders if they manage to break into your garage. So, if you have a side door between your home and garage, then it is important that it is secure and that it remains locked when not in use.

Side doors for detached garages

If you mostly just use your garage for parking your car, then having a side door on your detached garage may not be a big priority for you. However, if you regularly access your garage for other reasons, such as using it as a workshop or storage, then a side door can add a lot of convenience. It is slightly quicker and easier to open a regular side door as opposed to a larger garage door. If you need to go in and out multiple times, you can easily shut the door behind you each time, which may be time-consuming with your main garage door.

Again, if you have a side door installed in your detached garage, it is essential that it is just as secure as your main garage door, otherwise it could be a vulnerability that allows entry to intruders.

Side doors for commercial garages

Side doors are an important part of commercial garages, typically referred to as personnel doors or pedestrian doors. With large vehicles and equipment going in and out through the main garage doors, a side door provides a safer and more convenient entry point for personnel walking in and out of the garage. This can help to improve efficiencies and make everyday operations smoother.

Side doors are typically made from wood, aluminum, or steel. Contact Action Overhead Door to discuss your side garage door options or for repair and maintenance for your existing garage doors.

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