Tips for Childproofing Your Garage

Curiosity is something you want to encourage in your children from a young age, but it can also be dangerous for them. This is why we lock away cleaning supplies, keep heavy objects out of reach, and soften any sharp corners they might bump into. It’s a way of creating a safe environment for them to explore and in which to satisfy their curiosities.

When it comes to hazards, the garage is one of the most dangerous areas of the house. While you might keep your child out of the garage for the most part, it is still worth childproofing this area in case they wander in unsupervised. Here are a few ways how…

Keep garage door controls out of reach

Opening and closing the garage door could seem like a fun game to a young child. But garage doors come down with a lot of force, which could injure your child. Their clothing could even get snagged on the door, causing the garage door to lift them up as it opens. If you have an entry keypad, make sure it is positioned high enough so your children can’t reach it. And if you have a remote, keep the remote somewhere safe where they can’t find it.

Store chemicals properly

Most people store things like household cleaners, paint, gasoline, and pesticide in their garage, things that are toxic to humans. Make sure your child can’t reach these, as infants have that habit of putting everything in their mouths! Either keep chemicals well out of reach of children or store them away in a secure cabinet.

Store tools properly

The same goes for your tools. Your garage may contain lots of sharp or otherwise dangerous tools, like saws, hammers, and screwdrivers. You may also have power tools that can prove even more dangerous, and large, heavy equipment like a lawnmower. These could look like fun playthings to a young child, so keep them locked away safely.

Secure your vehicle

If you park a car, van, or motorcycle in your garage, then you should always lock it and make sure the keys are kept out of your child’s reach. If they have access to your vehicle, then they might climb into the trunk and get themselves stuck, or they could accidentally set the vehicle in motion, potentially injuring themselves and damaging your vehicle, and even the garage door.

If you need help making sure your garage and garage door are as safe as possible for you and your family, then contact us at Action Overhead Door in Rincon, Georgia.

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