What Does Your Garage Door Horsepower Mean?

Your garage door opener uses a motor to lift and lower your garage door every time you open and close it. And just like a car’s motor, your garage door opener has a certain amount of horsepower to achieve this, although it is a fraction of the amount found in car engines. This article will run you through some of the essentials of horsepower for your garage door opener.

Why is the right horsepower so important?

It is possible to choose a garage door opener with more or less horsepower than you need. But what are the downsides to this? Garage door openers with higher horsepower are more expensive to buy compared to those with lower horsepower. So, if you buy an opener with more horsepower than you need, then you’ll end up wasting money on your purchase.

Buying an opener with too little horsepower, on the other hand, can also end up being costly in terms of repairs and replacements. Your opener and all the other moving parts involved in opening your door will have to work harder to do so if the horsepower isn’t strong enough. This puts a strain on the motor and parts like your garage door springs and cables, increasing wear and tear. This leaves you more likely to need repairs and new parts on a more regular basis.

Choosing the right horsepower

The amount of horsepower you need from your opener will mostly depend on the size and weight of your garage door. A double door will require greater horsepower than a single door in order to lift it effectively. The material of your door will also impact its weight and, therefore, the amount of horsepower required. Wood doors tend to be heavier while aluminum garage doors are much more lightweight.

These are the most common motor sizes you’ll find when looking for a new garage door opener:

  • 1/3 HP – Suitable for single garage doors made from aluminum or lightweight steel
  • 1/2 HP – Suitable for many different types of garage doors, particularly metal and composite doors, and sometimes double doors depending on the size.
  • 3/4 HP – The best option for double garage doors and heavier wooden doors.

Measure the dimensions of your garage door and make sure you know what material it’s made of to help you come to the best decision in terms of horsepower. You can always contact Action Overhead Door for more advice on choosing the right garage door opener.

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