What to Do If You Damage Your Garage Door

Maybe you backed up a little too far in your car, or maybe some extreme weather conditions are to blame. Whatever happened, you’ve damaged your garage door and need to know what to do next. Or maybe you’re just reading this to be fully prepared in case serious damage happens in the future. Either way, read on for advice on what to do if you’ve damaged your garage door.

Assess the damage

Inspect the garage door to see how bad the damage it, but make sure you stay safe while doing so. Is it just superficial damage to the panels of your garage door or are the moving parts damaged too? Check the condition of the springs and cables, and check whether the rollers are still securely on their tracks.

Secure the area

You want to avoid any further damage or even injury from occurring. If the garage door is open or partially open, then make sure to stay out of its path in case it comes crashing down as a result of the damage. Warn other members of your household of the damage so that they know to stay away or be careful. If you did back your car into the door, move this out of the way if it is safe to do so. Try to close the garage door if it is open, but be careful while doing so.

Call a garage door technician

The next thing to do is call a professional. Trying to repair a broken garage door yourself can be extremely dangerous and is better left to the professionals. Call a garage door repair company like Action Overhead Door to resolve the problem before it gets any worse or before someone gets hurt.

Check your insurance

Does your home insurance cover the damage to your garage door? If it does, then this will help you when paying for any repairs or replacement parts required to fix the door. Call your insurance company as soon as you can to inform them of the damage. And if your car was damaged in your process, you might want to call your auto insurance company, too.

If you’ve suffered garage door damage in and around Rincon, Georgia, then contact us at Action Overhead Door to fully assess and repair the damage. Whether it’s broken garage door springs or a dented door, we can help.

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