What You Shouldn’t Store in Your Garage

For most people, the garage provides a useful additional space to store a variety of things. This may be belongings that you don’t use very often, ones that aren’t suited to indoor storage, or are too large for the house. But not everything is suited to garage storage, ranging from reasons of impracticality to safety. In this article, we’ll list some of the items you should keep out of the garage and explain why.


You might be tempted to store seasonal clothing or bedding in the garage for a few months until you need them again, but fabrics such as these are best kept in the house. The humidity in most garages promotes damp and mold growth on fabrics, which can ruin your clothes. Fabrics can also provide a perfect nest for rodents and other pests and they are likely to chew holes in the fabric if this happens.


Another way to attract pests to your garage is by storing food in there. Most animals have a much stronger sense of smell than we do, so they will be able to smell fresh food in your garage and will seek it out. This goes for things like pet food and birdseed, too. And while canned food is unlikely to attract pests, it’s still not advisable to store it in your garage because the fluctuations in temperature will make them spoil more quickly.


The garage seems like the logical place to store tins of paint, but it’s actually a bad idea. Again, the fluctuations in temperature are to blame. The extreme temperatures can cause paint to separate, which can spoil and curdle the paint. It may also repeatedly freeze and thaw, potentially leaving you with unusable paint.

Propane tanks

You might have a propane tank for when you need to fire up the barbecue. These can be extremely unsafe to store in the garage and should be stored outside, instead. If your propane tank leaks even a little bit, then a spark from your car engine or electrical equipment in your garage can cause an explosion. Leaks may occur simply because the valve isn’t closed properly. But, also, high temperatures in your garage on summer days can make leaks more likely.

Important papers

The humidity and moisture in garages can damage paper and ruin what’s printed on it. Insects, rodents, and other pests may also chew and tear paper, either to feed on the substances in it or to use it for nesting. So, if you’ve got any important documents or photos, book, and other papers that hold sentimental value, then keep them out of the garage.

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