When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

Your garage door springs are a vital part of your garage door opening mechanism. If they break or become damaged and deteriorated, then your garage door will fail to open and close properly and can become a serious safety hazard. This is why it’s important to know how to look after your garage door springs and when you should replace them.

How long do they last?

How long your garage door springs last before needing replacing will depend on a variety of factors, such as how frequently you open and close your garage door, and how well you maintain the springs and other parts of your garage door. On average, though, garage door springs tend to last between 7-9 years.

This may also depend on the type of garage door spring. Torsion springs generally last longer than extension springs.

Replacing them before they break

Preventative maintenance is essential when it comes to your garage door. Maintaining, repairing, and replacing parts early can prevent expensive damages and potential injuries. This is why it’s important to replace your garage door springs early before they break. Look out for signs of damage and deterioration that might indicate they’re on their way out.

If they still look in good condition and your garage door is functioning properly, you might still want to consider replacing them when they reach the average lifespan of 7-9 years. If you don’t use your garage door every day, then you might be able to get more years out of your springs, but remain vigilant. Perform regular visual checks on your springs and schedule a professional garage door tune-up once a year.

Signs of deterioration to look out for

When performing a visual inspection on your garage door springs, you should check that there are no gaps in the spring and that it doesn’t appear loose and unwound. You can also notice warning signs from other garage door parts and the way the door is functioning. Here are some other signs to look out for:

  • Loose garage door cables
  • Your garage door opens crookedly
  • Your garage door feels heavier to open than normal
  • Your garage door won’t open all the way
  • You hear a loud bang, which could be a spring snapping
  • Your garage door falls quickly while closing
  • The door opens jerkily instead of smoothly

If you need to replace your garage door springs, then you should always rely on a professional garage door technician. Replacing or repairing garage door springs can be an extremely dangerous job. Contact Action Overhead Door for help with your broken garage door springs.

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