Weather-proof your garage

Residential garages are often dark and maybe even damp environments that we don’t spend much time in. This kind of environment is the perfect place for mold to grow and spread. If you have problems with mold in your garage or want to make sure that you avoid this problem in the future, then read on for some tips on how to keep mold out of your garage.

Insulate your garage

A well-insulated garage and garage door helps to regulate the temperature inside. This can prevent problems like excess moisture, condensation, and humidity inside your garage, all of which can contribute to mold growth. You can add insulation to your garage door or purchase a new garage door that is already insulated.

Weather-proof your garage

As well as helping to control the temperature inside your garage, weather-proofing and sealing any gaps around your garage and garage door helps to prevent rain from leaking into your garage. Install weather-stripping around your garage door and check it regularly to make sure it is not cracked or damaged. Also, check your garage walls for any holes or cracks that could be letting in moisture. If your garage or door has windows, then make sure there are no gaps here, as well.

Ventilate your garage

Keep fresh air circulating through your garage by properly ventilating it. If your garage or garage door has windows, then try to open these regularly while the weather is fine. Fans and vents also help to ventilate your garage and are a must-have if you don’t have any windows. Proper ventilation prevents your garage from becoming too stuffy and helps to reduce humidity.

Use a dehumidifier

High humidity is one of the main causes of damp and mold in garages. The above tips can help to reduce humidity in your garage, but if this still isn’t enough, then you can use a dehumidifier to control humidity levels and prevent moisture from building up inside your garage.

Keep water out of your garage

As well as moisture that forms from humidity and condensation, mold can also grow due to water from plumbing fixtures in your garage or water from your car or shoes. If your garage is prone to mold, then it is best to keep appliances like washing machines and freezers out of the garage.

Always wash your car outside rather than inside the garage, and remove snow from your car before parking it in the garage to prevent it from melting and pooling on your garage floor. Proper drainage for your garage floor can help to prevent standing water, but make sure to mop it up when it does occur rather than leaving it to stand.

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